CAMBRA Basics: How to Decrease Your Risk of Cavities and Re-establish Oral Balance

Caries Disease Progression and Oral Health chart Reviewed by Sunnyvale Functional Dentist Jen Chiang DDS

At Jennifer Chiang,DDS we assess your caries (cavities) risk using CAries Management By Risk Assessment (CAMBRA). Caries management by risk assessment is a standard of care (Featherstone et al 2007) that involves identifying potential causes of caries through individual risk assessment and mitigating risk through behavioural changes and minimally invasive …

Dental Emergency - Cracked Tooth Illustration

Dental Emergency Triage

Easy to follow tips for how to handle dental emergencies. What to do in case your child knocks out a tooth, cracks a tooth, injures their lip, or has a gum infection.

Functional Dentistry Diagram by Sunnyvale Dentist Jen Chiang DDS

What is Functional Dentistry?

Functional Dentistry goes beyond treating the signs and symptoms and instead determines the root cause of disease. It addresses the entire body …

Covid Response Plan By Sunnyvale Dentist Jen Chiang DDS

Covid-19 Protocols

As California reopens, we continue to vigilantly follow guidance from Santa Clara County EOC, CDC and CDA. As a healthcare facility that …

Halloween 21-Day Flossing Challenge by Sunnyvale Dentist Jen Chiang DDS

2020 Halloween Floss Challenge

Please join us for our first annual 21-day Halloween Flossing Challenge! Looking forward to some sweets for Halloween? Then let’s floss up …