CAMBRA Basics: How to Decrease Your Risk of Cavities and Re-establish Oral Balance

At Jennifer Chiang,DDS we assess your caries (cavities) risk using CAries Management By Risk Assessment (CAMBRA). Caries management by risk assessment is a standard of care (Featherstone et al 2007) that involves identifying potential causes of caries through individual risk assessment and mitigating risk through behavioural changes and minimally invasive dental care.

Treatment recommendation are made to decrease your risk of cavities and to re-establish oral balance and wellness. CAMBRA treatment intervention was proven to significantly reduce caries risk levels and caries disease indicators in a two-year randomized, controlled, parallel-arm, double-blind clinical trial (Rechmann 2019).

CAMBRA Treatment Recommendations based on Risk Assessment Level recommended by Sunnyvale Dentist, Jen Chiang, DDS
Chart of Caries Disease Progression reviewed by Functional Dentist Jen Chiang DDS
My treatment recommendations tilt the scales in favor of remineralization and oral health.

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