2020 Halloween Floss Challenge

Please join us for our first annual 21-day Halloween Flossing Challenge!

Looking forward to some sweets for Halloween? Then let’s floss up and strengthen your teeth before the sugar rush!

New habits are formed in 14 days, so we’d love for you and your loved ones to join in our 21-day flossing challenge. (Clear, J. Atomic Habits)

How to participate:

  1. Download and print our PDF.
  2. Follow us on Instagram @sunnyvaledentist so you can catch our flossing tips.
  3. Get accountable! Tag or share with a friend to help you stay accountable. Flossing parties rock! Fresh breath really makes quarantine bubbles so much more enjoyable :D #halloweenflossingchallenge
  4. Flossing prizes: We’ll be awarding 3 flossing prizes with winners to be announced on October 31st, 2020.
    • To enter:
      • Submit a photo of you and your flossing sheet or holding you’re favorite floss.
      • Paperless entry alternative: check-in online daily here
      • Bonus entry for photos of costumes and floss!

How to fill out flossing sheet:
– For kids, a check mark/sticker/smiley face for each day of flossing suffices. – For adults, we challenge you to write in the slot when you are flossing each day. The hope is that by the end of the 21 days you’ll have discovered your personal best time to floss as it is not necessarily right before bed. I always stress to patients that I don’t care when you floss as much I care that you do within 24 hours. For some, it’s ideal to floss before bed. For others flossing sticks when it’s completed during their morning shower, and for others it’s been most regular after a daily afternoon runs.

Comment below to let us know when’s been the best time for floss for you.

Floss on!! Flossie flossie! #halloweenflossingchallenge

To wellness,
Dr. Jen Chiang

21 day flossing challenge