Teething Products Can Be Deadly

Please do not give your baby Orajel, teething tablets, or other homoeopathic teething gels.

The FDA has issued a warning that Benzocaine oral relief products are not safe to be used with infants and children. Benzocaine can cause methemoglobinemia, a rare blood condition linked to potentially deadly breathing problems. The pain-relieving ingredient can interfere with an oxygen-carrying protein in the blood.   The deadly side effects in children, especially those 2 years and younger, include shortness of breath, headache and rapid heart rate. The FDA has issued a warning as officials reviewed 119 cases of the blood disorder linked to benzocaine between 2009 and 2017, including four deaths.  Church and Dwight Co. Inc. said Wednesday it would discontinue four Orajel teething brands, including Orajel Medicated Teething Swabs.
Homoeopathic teething products  may be natural but they are  not safe.  In 2016, the FDA issued a warning as it had recorded adverse events reported to the agency regarding homoeopathic teething tablets and gels, including seizures in infants and children who were given these products, since a 2010 safety alert about homoeopathic teething tablets.
Instead, I recommend giving them a cold towel (wet and refrigerate a clean hand towel) or a BPA-free teething ring.  Should they be truly uncomfortable enough to spike a fever a Baby Tylenol would be best.
Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about your children’s teeth.

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