What is Functional Dentistry?

Functional Dentistry is the evolution of conventional dentistry, holistic dentistry, and functional healthcare. It embodies a preventative philosophy with a focus on determining the root cause of diseases and utilizes non-toxic materials when treatment is required.

Conventional dentistry might aim to simply treat decay with fillings, while Functional Dentistry delves into the risk factors promoted decay in the first place.

Functional dentistry addresses the entire body as a single integrated system and treats the whole system not just the symptoms. Once risk factors are identified, specific recommendations can be made to mitigate those risks, fight disease, and create a state of health.

Numerous studies correlate oral health to overall health. Now is the time to take the same approach to your dental care.

Principles of Functional Dentistry

  1. Functional Dentistry aims to teach patients prevention strategies to help them avoid the need for future dental work
  2. Functional Dentistry recognizes the importance of the oral microbiome in both dental and systemic health and as such discourages the use of antimicrobial mouthwashes and toothpastes.
  3. Functional Dentistry recognizes the ability of enamel to remineralize and as such educates patients on diet and nutrition strategies to maximize the bodies natural remineralization process to avoid caries.
  4. Functional Dentistry works collaboratively with a variety of fields, including sleep medicine, myofunctional therapy, integrative specialities, and functional orthodontics in order to restore dental and systemic health.
  5. Functional Dentistry practices early intervention in pediatric patients because it recognized the importance of craniofacial complex and its contribution to overall health.
  6. Functional Dentistry embraces the latest scientific research as we continue to better understand the mouth-body connection and the relationship between dental diseases and the disease of the rest of the body.
  7. Functional Dentistry works to understand the impact of inflammation in the mouth and its impact on inflammation throughout the rest of the body.
  8. Functional dentistry is not just removing our patients’ symptoms; it’s empowering our patients to thrive

Sunnyvale’s Functional Dentist

Functional dentistry in combination with my goal of conserving your natural healthy tooth structure is how we empower my patients to thrive.

I look forward to meeting and developing a personalized approach to your health.